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You like the sound of Intimis 3.0. But there seems to be a problem. You already have a creative agency to deliver your marketing communications. And you don’t have the budget to develop fully personalised microsites and campaigns. So Intimis isn't a possibility, right? Wrong.

Intimis Tracker lets you track customers from any communication to any web-page - meaning you produce your communications in the way you always have, but then add the Personal URLs to track responses, convert warm prospects and generate previously unthinkable results.

“Intimis gives us, for the first time, the ability to see who is responding to our marketing activities without them having to leave their details. This has dramatically reduced our cost per lead and helped us develop one to one relationships with our prospects and customers.”
Stephen Yeo, World-Wide Strategic Marketing Director, IGEL Technology

What can Intimis Tracker bring to your business?

Intimis Tracker from Intimis 3.0

If you use the web as a response mechanism in your marketing, you probably know how many contacts visited your website and how many of those converted in response to your campaign.

But what about the web visitors who didn't convert? Few people these days click on an email link to a website they have no interest in. Even fewer follow a web-link from DM. If you were able to contact these warm prospects, would you be able to convert more of them?

With Intimis Tracker from Intimis 3.0 you can.

Intimis Tracker is a web-based system for automatic Personal URL generation, results tracking and sales lead management. The system provides you with automatically generated Personal URLs for use in your print DM, emails and SMS, a hosted solution for microsite response tracking, web-based campaign results dashboard and web-based lead management system for you to contact respondents to your campaign.

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