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Does Intimis work cost-efficiently for smaller businesses?

Yes. A typical first campaign, where we deliver a full service, takes from four to six weeks to set up, from initial brief through design and copy, build and deployment. Licence fees for enabling technology (personal URLs, etc.) have been constructed to reflect the value they add within a competitive cost per lead structure.

I already have a creative agency – can they use the Intimis technology?

Yes, we offer Intimis as an enabling technology as well as providing a full service if required.

Can I use it if I don't have a CRM system, my data is poor or I don't have any data?

Yes, if you have a contacts list and any other supporting data for further personalisation. We can receive this in any format you have – many campaigns have been driven from simple Excel spreadsheets supplied by our clients. If you don't have an in-house list and want to acquire new customers, we can help to source bought-in lists.

If you have a CRM system, and your data quality is good, then the results you get from Intimis are potentially even better. Think of Intimis as a turbo booster, or accelerator which can bolt onto your CRM activity. Intimis takes your data feed and uses it to intelligently create personalised, targeted communications across multiple channels in real-time. It uses personal URLs to track how customers interact with these communications, passes qualified leads into sales and records all the outcomes. All of the data from this activity is fed back into your CRM system for you to track and analyse against your other data.

Can Intimis integrate into my CRM and other systems?

Yes. For many clients we either take extracts or integrate with batch or real-time feeds from and back into their own CRM systems.

Intimis Tracker

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Quickly and easily track and convert warm prospects for any campaign, large or small.

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Intimis Full Service Solutions

Intimis can give you a fully managed, cost-effective service to deliver your integrated direct marketing communications programmes from strategy, data and build, through to system configuration, deployment and reporting.

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