Experience the full Intimis 3.0 effect.

And discover the rewards of a full-service integrated marketing system.

Whatever your industry or market sector, Intimis 3.0 takes the big picture and deals with it on a uniquely individual basis. And you benefit from a fully managed, cost-effective service that delivers exceptional integrated marketing programmes from strategy, through deployment, right to reporting and evaluation.

What's more, because we host the Intimis system for you and deliver it via the web, set-up time and costs are incredibly low – and your IT department won't face days and weeks of complex installation.

Here's what the full Intimis service gives you...

Strategic, management and technical services

  • Including a fully managed service from strategy consulting through to management, build, integration and delivery.
  • Specialist consulting and implementation services to develop and code segmented and personalised templates for digital channels and print (including multi-lingual experience)
  • Specialist consulting and implementation services to integrate Intimis into existing CRM ecosystems
  • Training and project management for telesales lead management
  • Email coding consulting and implementation services for maximum email delivery through firewalls, spam filters and rendering in variety of email clients and web-browsers
  • Consulting advice for what works creatively to get maximum response – spanning design, copywriting and multi-media

Web-based lead management/CRM system

  • Data management and personal URL generation
  • Tracking of individual responses and behaviour fed into web-based lead management system for out-bound telesales follow-up
  • Full administration suite for operator assignment, results tracking and prospect management
  • Enables full multi-channel marketing and sales with closed-loop analysis

Real-time web dashboard reporting

  • Multichannel response and conversion rate reporting
  • Integration into shopping cart/booking form functions for sales conversion reporting
  • Individual link click-through and web destination behavioural reporting

Digital print DM and integrated multi-channel marketing

  • Services and systems to generate and manage production of highly personalised/segmented mailings
  • Advice and management of Digital print jobs, including fulfillment through our print partner network if required
  • Build and hosting of personalised microsites for fulfilment and individual response tracking from DM, email and SMS
  • Deep experience of planning, executing and managing multi-channel, integrated campaigns using email, DM and SMS
  • Systems integration consulting

Email & SMS broadcasting systems

  • From one-off broadcasts to ongoing triggered delivery programmes; e.g. delivery on pre-defined dates/times, automated communications driven by updates in data and behavioural profiles
  • Personalisation: dynamic template-driven communications with variable imagery, text and personal URLs
  • Bounce-back cleansing and unsubscribe automation

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