Do you want to automate your demand generation and personalise your marketing without the need for any new software?

Would you like to improve the way you target, track, manage and convert prospects by as much as 300%?

Do you need to reduce your marketing costs? By as much as 50%?

Intimis can do this for you. And the best bit is, Intimis can do this using your current marketing mix, systems and website. No need for costly microsites, platforms or systems. Intimis plugs into what you already have quickly, simply, securely and very cost effectively.


How does Intimis do this?


  • Tracking who is responding to your marketing activities without them having to leave their details.
  • Optimising performance through real-time monitoring of customer activity and lead management, allowing you to target and re-target further data-driven communications - intelligently, immediately and only where response will deliver maximum ROI.
  • Realising the full potential of every pound, euro or dollar you spend on your marketing activity, increasing your understanding of prospects, customers and data, and creating a constantly evolving CRM system.
  • Personalizing multi-channel campaigns, driving prospects to automatically generated, personalized web content featuring personalized URLs, where messaging and content is individual, relevant and timely.

No need to change your current systems, simply plug Intimis in.

Gone are the days of blanket-campaigning.

It's time to be data-driven. To speak to the individual.
To be constantly monitoring, targeting and maximising.
To be more profitable.

This is business. This is personal. This is Intimis.

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Intimis Tracker

New in Intimis 3.0.
Quickly and easily track and convert warm prospects for any campaign, large or small.

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Intimis Full Service Solutions

Intimis can give you a fully managed, cost-effective service to deliver your integrated direct marketing communications programmes from strategy, data and build, through to system configuration, deployment and reporting.

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